Monday, June 6, 2011

catching up...

will have to wait until tomorrow. its almost three am!

but i will do the challenge

day two: how tall are you? do you like your height?
im 5'7"-8" its nice i guess. sometimes i wish i were shorter.

day three: a picture of your thinspiration and what you like.
i like everything about mk. shes fucking baller.

day four: your greatest fears about weight loss.
i fear ill never get there, or once i do i wont stop. or that nothing will be different.

day five: why do you really want to lose this weight? is it really for you?
at the start of this i was an extremely overweight (by bmi standards) girl wanting to be a healthy life, since then its been for love, lust, and personal punishment and pleasure. its been quite rollercoaster. and it still hasnt ended.

im doing better now.
ill write about it tomorrow.
and now ill have more time to catch up with all you lovely ladies.
good luck to everyone, i love you all.


  1. I fear the exact same things about losing weight. We'll get there eventually :)

  2. these are similar 2 my fears , stay strong chici your closer than i am :)

  3. You're 2-3 inches taller than me, little sis! God hates me! I love MK, love you more. <3. XXX.

  4. I love MK. she's awesome.

    ps- you're gorgeous.