Sunday, September 18, 2011

just the current state of things.

the good:
both wednesday and friday, i worked out (-400).
on thursday, i had 2.5 hours of dance.
it was glorious. im still sore.

the bad:
i binged a shitton today.
i think i look like i did at the beginning of last school year.
i was 150. and i feel so fucking fat.

the plan:
tomorrow, i fast.
monday morning, i will weigh in. and begin the abc... (again)
monday afternoon, i will tell you that wretched number.
i will make a plan better once i know that number.
i want to 135 by saturday (my 17th birthday)

i will write something better later.
all my love.

p.s tell me what you think... honestly.
these are some pictures of me.
what do you think? also, i think my thigh looks small in the first where that is all that is seen... which is why i like that picture. haha.

... oh, buuhjezzuss im fat. heres a picture from january, where i actually looked small, i wasnt "skinny" but i was definitly smaller. -sigh-
my arms werent gross back then.... well, fuck. its time to do shit up again.

this is me this past summer... i lok the same if not bigger... ew. my arm has a strange lump...


  1. Good luck fasting tomorrow! And you have small thighs. I want them...

  2. you look cute! and the bowling looks like fun. (and I love your hair color in the recent pictures. it fits you really well)
    good luck with the fasting!!

  3. I love your shirt in the bowling pictures :)

  4. You look so cute. You are very very pretty, amazing eyes! Good luck with the fasting! Skinny thoughts your way! xo x0

  5. gosh ur so adorable! godspeed with the fast tomorrow! i'll weigh in with you on matter what the horrid number is!

  6. You are tiny!! And so very pretty! <3