Thursday, June 14, 2012

im too big.

i had a break down this week. i found pictures of me from last february and cried. how could i let all of that go to shit? now im fat again, and theres no one to blame but me.

i have a plan though. pretty much, im eating 3 times a day (4 or 5 hours in between) and each "meal" is about  100 calories. although, yesterday i skipped dinner, i was too disgusted with myself. i took new pictures. and im going to update the progress blog i have on tumblr every wednesday.

in other news, im homesick. i miss my unrelated family. and im really almost too excited to get back to my life. im still talking to this new boy. he's been so nice to me, and i havent had anyone be nice to me in the longest time, but i already know hes going to make me eat.

alsoooo, i need to stop telling people about my eating habits... as this progresses, its just gonna cause me all sorts of trouble. so i just need to stop talking about it.

best of luck to everyone. <3 stay lovely.


  1. I don't think 300 calories is enough to keep you in good health. Joan and I eat about 1500 calories a day but we don't eat sweets and keep our sugar intake very, very low.
    But not all people are alike. You keep trying and you will find out what is best for you.

    Lots of love, Joann

  2. Hey love!!! I had a breakdown when I saw photos of me this year and compared them to the beginning of last year, I wish I could just rip all the fat off.
    Aw homesick is the worst! But are you still enjoying Russia to its fullest? I am still jealous that you are there, only a few years until I will go!
    I am so happy that the new boy is being nice too you! you deserve to be happy!