Wednesday, June 6, 2012

greetings from moscow.

im sitting in the apartment in the city, its 3 am and im still awake. the skyline is lit with the lights of this city, littered with cigarettes. im surrounded by my history, my heritage. my heart is happy.

im in russia right now for the next month. literally every girl is a size zero, and it makes me sad. but determined to continuing eating little and healthy. i feel huge, right now especially.

ive been doing really well. i lost 10 pounds in a week (i know its not all me, but still) and i messed up on my last day there, but im still doing well. (:

before i left the u.s., i left my boyfriend. ive been unhappy for the longest time. not with the relationship, but with myself, and in being part of my life, the relationship, as well. we may have a future together, but right now, all we're doing is breaking ourselves down. BBUUUTTT i am talking to this other boy he isnt as cute, but is a lot nicer and mature. so who fucking knows? i certainly dont. 

my best of luck to everyone out there searching for it. <3


  1. Its great to see you posting again, on a possitive note as well. Wishing you the best of times in Russia and I feel you with the herritage thing as I dream of visiting mine in Ireland before I'm 30.

  2. Thats so cool that you are in Russia! I do hope you find yourself and become happy babydoll! Good that you know when to find yourself x

    Also how did you lose 10lbs in 1 week?!

  3. I hope you're having an AWESOME time in Russia!! I'm super jealous, I would love to go there. Better post photos. :D Have you gone to the Pokrovsky Cathedral? It's my favourite building ever, I absolutely love the way it looks. A work of art.