Saturday, March 26, 2011

so i see its ben ten days since my last post.

and i miss you all!
ive realized that im a pretty boring person.
so i wont be posting as much,
but you can always email me or text me.
info on the side.

ive had good days and bad days this week.
i currently weigh in at 130.5,
as of this morning.

my intakes have been all over the place,
nothing to enough for an morbidly obese man to gain 100 pounds.
but somehow that number went down,
and for that im happy.
well, maybe it because i woke up at 4 pm today...
but no matter!

i see i have received an award from some awesome people
thank you to PollyAnna and Dragonfly and Sarah.
1. i currently have a boyfriend who is 19 (even though we're not really speaking right now, oh and i spilt coke in his car last night *whoops*)
2. im from russia, and i dont have a russian accent.
3. i miss ice skating like a mofo.
4. my best friend likes to cause trouble in the drifter/metalhead friend group, she can twirl them around her finger and she knows it, but i cant tell her to stop hurting them.
5. my room is purple, i have a purple shag rug, and my favourite colour is indeed purple
6. ive been a vegetarian for almost a year.
7. pride and prejudice is my favourite movie; i was born in the wrong era (you know, it was acceptable for women not to eat back then.)

now for a hand off:
1-3. obviously the ones that gave this award to me int he first place.
5. zette
6. Cinnamon Brown (:
7. Meg
oh, goodness, ive suddenly been hit with the plague of tiredness.
this happens so often, which is why i dont post much anymore.
i was even going to tell you about yesterday!
ugh, okay, i would like to give this award to everyone on here struggling, and trynig to find their true selves and body in whatever form they are using.
i love you all.

ill post again soon.


  1. I've missed you!!!

    Purple rooms are the best. Such a happy, relaxing colour. <3


  2. I LOVE PURPLE!! It's the color of royalty..own it girl!

  3. There's a dreadful hole where your posts used to be. I miss them, I miss you more. <3. XXX.

  4. I miss you when you don't post! It's inspirational and I love it!

    My room's purple too! Twinsies!

    P.S you are in no way, shape, or form a boring person. I mean that so don't not post cuz you think no one wants to read it. I for one will always read.

  5. I FINALLY FOUND YOU. Thank fuck for that, I've missed you hun <3