Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i started the abc.

with an ana friend. (:
i just finished day two, but i cant sleep so im finally posting.
i weighed in at 130 tonight and will probably and hopefully be in the 120s tomorrow.

story time!
theres been drama in the drifters.
friday night: verbal standoff.
saturday afternoon: my friend got (sucker) punched in the face.
this is why i was stressed all weekend.
and the person who punched him was spreading stuff like he beat him down, when in reality he ran away afterwards like a priss.

but we've decided to just forget it. its over.
but my problem is, my brother is on the puncher's side. i am not.
we almost got into an argument on saturday about it which was slightly irritating.

my irl ana friend is starting this business again, i promised to keep her secret, but i feel bad for her boyfriend.
im planning on keeping this from matt for as long as possible, until it gets obvious.
speaking of matt, im kinda irked with our relationship at the moment.
he never initiate conversations via text or asks to hang out.
i have to blatantly say, hey, im free and i want to do something.
i just want him to take initiative and think of something to do. is that too much to ask?!
i suppose it is. hmph, boys.

well, im off to finally catch up on comments and posts (hopefully, but probably not. :P) since i cant sleep.
love you! and hope you're all doing well. (:


  1. Don't worry hon! My boyfriend is the exact same. He won't txt me to say hi if I don't do it first and when he does txt it happens like once month. You're right. It must be just a boy thing!

    Good luck on ur abc!

  2. Well boys can be rather naive when it comes to things like that!

    And thankyou for your lovely comment, I suppose we both now how difficult it is to feel beautiful sometimes! <3

  3. Boys are idiots. But at the same time, that might mean that he feels insecure around you, and isn't sure if you like him enough to want to hang out. So maybe you just need to give him those little nudges? <3


  4. ew. boys. they're all stupid. (in my totally-unbiased opinion)

    and good luck with abc. kick some ass!