Friday, February 1, 2013

plateau from hell.

well. its been about two weeks since i last posted. ive been trying to keep up with everyones blogs! i read all of them, but sometimes im too tired to comment, but i try! <3

i finished the book skinny bitch. i liked it. a lot. ive had 8/12 vegan days since i last posted. and the only reason for that is one starbucks drink and these crackers im trying to get rid of [one milk product! -_- ].

ive been plataued around 130-128. im hoping for a lower number tomorrow, hopefully, considering i got up at 5:30am to go for a fucking run! BUT this month ive lost a total of 10 pounds. the official number will be tomorrow, but thats still quite an accomplishment! so im going to be proud of myself for a millisecond.

speaking of which, tonight my mom called me asking if i was trying to kill myelf by not eating... like, what. how am i supposed to fucking respond to that? i swear shes so naive sometimes. i dont know what to do, im obviously not going to cave now. im so close to finally being underweight. but i dont know how to get her off my back for a while... i dont know, ill figure something out.

we still havent found a house yet. of course, i havent been as actively looking as i should be,and neither has andrew, so i dont know where this is going. im really trying to make this happen this following month. im tired of having to leave my house an hour and thirty minutes earlier than my class on mornings i have to go to school just to sit in annoying atlanta traffic. bleh.

school, itself, is going satisfactorily. i still have a bunch of issues to clear up with registration, but im working on it. AND I FINALLY GOT MY CAR BACK. i might post pictures soon, shes so cute. my friend has been fixing it for the past three months and i just got it back on sunday, if i remember correctly.

stay lovely!
bmi: 19.0.


  1. Wow, congrats! 10lbs in a month sounds fantastic.
    Good luck with the house hunt :)


  2. 10 pounds in a month is pretty freaking awesome. and ugh, ATL traffic, don't really miss it. Um, that's a very awkward question to come from your mom. My mom has said to me "You have to eat something, you're never hungry, you don't want to become anorexic." eh, a bit late for that? Oh, parents.