Wednesday, December 26, 2012

i "dont" feel.

my thoughts dont flow anymore,
i would write more,
if my mind could actually focus on anything other than destruction.

i dont want to be here,
but i cant leave,
i fall in between the crevices of vague hopes,
and all i really want is to disappear.

mornings frequently arrive with tears and hatred,
every day is a cycle of getting as inebriated as possible,
on anything that's offered.

i dont know if what i feel occasionally is truly happiness,
or the face i play to get less questions.

im a liar and a terrible person,
and im about to destroy everything in my path,
to prove absolutely nothing.
except maybe a black heart.

bmi 20.9


  1. Hey lovely. New to your blog, what I've seen so far is cool. from this post and the last few ones, it sounds like things aren't going so well. You're profile says you go to uga? I don't go there but i actually am from ga, so maybe that's something. I hope you're taking care and hope to read more from you. Much love :)

  2. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to be able to see clearly.
    Don't be afraid of destroying everything, and don't be afraid of reaching out.
    It always amazes me how much hope and beauty there is in darkness.
    It's hiding there.
    You'll find it.
    We'll be okay.
    We'll figure this life out and own it. xx