Friday, July 29, 2011

im not trying hard enough.

and i know it.
im a wimp, im weak,
and she deserves better.

i think im in the 140s now.
im terrified to weigh myself.

but starting 7/28 at 9 pm. i fast until the 8/1.
i will not let you girls down.
that is over three days.
which would make it my longest fast yet.

august 1st is my two monthaversary.
i dont know if we are going to do anything.
because we didnt on our monthaversary.
but im thinking about baking him cookies.
i feel like that sufficient for two months... right?
im awful at this relationship junk.
i also havent had sex in over two weeks.
partly because im not allowed in andys room anymore,
according to his mother.
and partly because im fat.

also, my mom called me fat tonight.
hence the long fast.
so now i stay out of the kitchen and hide my money from myself.

im going to look like this soon...


  1. i love the pictures :) good luck with your fast, xo.

  2. good luck with the fast! I'm sure it will bring you back down some.
    and i'm pretty sure the no sex thing has whole lot more to do with his mother and less to do how you look.
    mom's can be harsh. just don't let it get to you too much and prove her wrong by achieving your goals.
    much love

  3. good luck with your fast. stay strong :) x

  4. Hey!

    I'm cleansing for the month of August. Spring is nearly here and I want to get a head start! Fat free all the way!

    I, too, abhor pointy shoes, probably because I cant get them on my fat heifer hooves! Haha! Also, they're too girly for me! Can you imagine the 'terrible tomboy' in pointy shoes? Ridiculous!

    Congrats on your anniversary. I hope your mom gets hot flashes! Cow!

    Have a great weekend! Love you. <3. XXX.

  5. you're super strong, I believe in you! congratulations on your anniversary!

    By the way, I really like your style, it's unique and I read your blog so often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥

    with love,

  6. You're more wonderful than you realise. But that's how it goes, i suppose.
    And, you're far too kind to me. I don't deserve it; but thank you, so much, any way.
    You make things okay, a little easier.
    Thank you.