Tuesday, June 29, 2010

day 8/42


didnt weigh myself today.
i didnt have time.
i just ran... at like midnight. but it was nice. (:
i burnt around 220 im assuming.... 2.2 miles in 23 minutes. haha.
after that i took a cold shower.

things i ate today:
lunch: 1/2 publix turkey sandwich ~ 350 cal
dinner: 1/2 publix turkey sandwich ~ 350 cal
happy cow (i think) cheese ~ 50 cal.
cucumber ~ 50 cal.
snackish: asian noodle ~ 100 cal
pringles ~ 175 cal
lo carb monster ~ 10 cal
cookies ~ 250 cal

total: 1335? cal.

now that i look back on it... that a lot. xP
i looked up my bmr.
its apparently around 1550.
i dont believe it though.

im eating healthy tomorrow cuz im sick of my stomach hurting all the time.

aighht laterrr.

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