Tuesday, September 18, 2012


today was a very lazy day. very lazy days are not good for sofia.

i woke up at 11:10 am. my second class starts at 11:15am. so i said fuck it and skipped both of them. i then proceeded to go supply shopping at walmart with a friend from school.

then i went and visited my friend jacob who lives 40 minutes away... yay for having a car! but i had been smoking weed since i woke up so i binged a lot and then passed out into a food coma type thing. then woke up, drove to target, bought binge food, and went back to my dorm.

this is where it gets bad. after eating about half of each a box of cheezits, a king sized kit kat bar, and (1/3 of) a box of cookies, i purged some of it and then cut. i fucking hate it when i do that. it makes me feel guilty, worthless, and stupid.

i told andrew i was freaking out and explained some of why i was freaking out, and he told me not to because i was perfect, which really just made me cry even more. but several cigarettes later, i felt better, went back to my room and did some work. i have an exam tomorrow i have yet to study for though....

im gonna stay busy tomorrow. and probably go shopping for something to wear for the concert im seeing friday night. the food plan is small portions of oatmeal/eggs/fruit for breakfast, and then salad/fruit for lunch and dinner. im going to try to fast on wednesday, i think, but that may be difficult since im going to go back to my home town.

oh, and by the way, i hate wear i live now. i go to the university of georgia, and athens sucks. its all about drinking and there are way to many assholes and dumb bitches everywhere. its hard to deal with sometimes.

stay lovely everyone. <3


  1. i'm sorry that you havent had a great day; i hope tomorrow's better and that your exam goes well! xo.

  2. I hope you're doing better now<3
    Maybe try to find a group of friends there that aren't worried about drinking all the time, or joining a club with people with similar interest. When I was 18-20 all I did was drink, so I can't really relate. Maybe you can find some common weed smokers and unite:)

  3. <3 I hate that you were so lost, darling; it happens to me way too much. Sometimes it's hard to find your footing again, sometimes it's easy... I hope, for your sake, easy.

    Much love, beautiful. You are lovely, even if you don't see it at all.