Saturday, August 14, 2010


just weighed myself.

to tell you the truth... was NOT expecting this.

i have been quite active lately.
on account that i refuse to believe summer is over.

but idk.

like its hell to go to school and not have one of those damn cookies.
but those cookies are 800 calories.
and thats fucking... INSANE.

on a more personal note,
since D got back together with his ex.
i have found someone new.
well actually, he isnt new.
ive wanted to kiss him for a while.
haha. so thats what i did last night.

i hope everyone out there trying to lose weight
is doing well.
and to everyone else,
i hope youre doing well too.

ive been really good since last saturday,
and yesterday i was feeling chill, stressed, and on edge.
all at the same time. haha.
so someone thought that he'd relax me. :D
it worked.

and for some reason i woke up at 630 today.
i just laid in bed for 20 minutes then took a short walk.
now its 724. and i must be going.

bye. (:

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