Sunday, August 1, 2010

today is the first day of august.

well technically it will be when i wake up.
im thinking... the entire month of august.
NO JUNK FOOD. none. what so ever.
let me clarify... no pizza, no chocolate, no fried foods.
no soda, nothing that "harms" my body.
oohhhh. thats a good idea.

i should probably finish this chocolate im eating then.

ive had like 1400 today.
oh noeeesss.
tomorrow will be better.
im actually gonna hang out.

also, no junkkk.

this is gonna be crazy hard. imma need something to remind myself with.
what should i reward myself with?

last piece of candy going in my mouth now.
im gonna miss this shit.

although i think my body is gonna feel a ton better.
i hope.
hopefully, i lose more. :D

good luck to me?
good luck, sir or madam.

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