Friday, May 21, 2010

a plate of screw up? yes, please!

im a big fan of screwing things up as they begin.
i just got a boyfriend and they day i went official.
the guy i liked for two year went single.
ironic, right?

and the guy i liked just called me.
he gave me butterflies and we only had a 20 second conversation.
i barely ever get that with my boyfriend.
i dont know whats wrong with me.

my boyfriend:
he fantastic, sweet, and cute.
he cares about me a lot.

the other boy:
ive liked him on and off since 8th grade. him too.
hes awesome, and sweet, and everything ive always dreamed of... kinda.


in weight news i stll weigh the same.
i got an app for tracking calories though. and ive bee walking everywhere since tuesday.
so that should help. and tomorrow im running a mile for online personal fitness.
im kinda nervous to see my time.
i also have a dance show next week.
and a dance camp in june. EXCITTEEEDDDD.
im planning on getting fit this summer so when i do figure out who i want. ill be able to get them.

im so screwed up. XP.


1 comment:

  1. I know what you're talking about, I experienced it myself a lot.
    I think sometimes it's just the magic of someome who is unreachable...not sure though~
    Keep on working on your health, I think you're doing great.