Thursday, February 18, 2010

day 1.

im staying uo late tonight but its okay.
im gonna try to run a mile straight tonight at 10
then walk another mile.
because i cant get to gym.

this is day one of the plan.
the plan to get healthy and beautiful.
i will do some kind of exercise 1-2 times a day.
will save most of my calories for afterscool snack.
[[because i eat the most then]]
im gonna bring my lunch 4 times a week.
and ill have 4 meals a day.
small breakfast, smallish lunch, smallish snack, small dinner.
and no carbs after 6.

im thinking if i do this for 3 weeks
ill be okay.

and ill only have one fast food meal per week.
or none.
thats good too.

i cant have anymore carbs tonight because its 7.
but ive had a lot to eat today
so ill probably only have fruit or something.

bleeeh. i just want this one guy.
and his ex is like really skinny.
:P. but we'll see.
he might just be a good friend to have around.


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