Wednesday, December 30, 2009

too little?

i ate less than 1000 calories today.
like. i think i ate closer to 500.
i dont know what im doing.
this certainly isnt healthy.
i even got up early today....
so i should have eaten more.

well i had the pleasure of a hot shower today considering i didnt splurge on pizza. :P
it was SOOO nice.

i woke up today and basically did nothing.
then i went to the avenue [[minimall type thing]]
and bought junk at claires because they are goingout of business. [[75% off (:]]
and bath&&body works.
i bought a book at borders.
and had a kids cocoa trio at seattle's best. woot.

nothing much exciting about today.
although i think im addicted to theinternet.
like random webpages.
like youtube and dailybooth and facebook.
junk like that. idk. :P
althoughim going off facebook for january... once school starts ofc.
because i have to get my grades up. :P

weighed myself today.
i think it said 165.5.
but idk whether i should believe it or not. :P

bye bye for now,


ahh keira knightley!
so pretty!

goodness i wish i look like her.

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