Monday, December 28, 2009

self control and cold showers.

im trying to teach myself self control.
theres a piece of chocolate right next to my desk.
but im not allowing myself to eat until i go out and run for at least 20 minutes straight. :P

so i woke up at one today.
had crackers and neufchatel cheese.
around 250 cal.
im probably not gonna eat anything till i get home from the mall around 5.
in other new i thinkmy scale is broken i def did not lose 4 lbs in 2 days.

so i think ill have to weigh myself atthe gym from now on if i ever gooo.
i wanna go swimming there.
but i feel so awkward because the pool is right next to a big glass wall so everyone can see what your doing... :P
other than that i wanna go to the sauna there too.

ive also been trying cold showers.
i tried a cold bath but i just started shivering, drained he water, and took a hot one. :P
but i heard that a 30 minute cold water bath lowers your temp 3-4 degrees.
which is really unhealthy... butit take 200 calories for you body to warm you up per degree
thats like 600-800!
so i wanna try that again and not bea wimp. haha.

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  1. I love those glasses on Missyfinland! Such cute shorts.

    Your determination and self discipline will bring you reward in the end. Be proud of yourself.