Monday, January 4, 2010

and i start anew.

im gonna do a workout video right now.
its like 11 minutes long.
and thenim gonna sit down to a cold bath.
ive been eating like shit.
and im starting a bootcamp today.

nothing to really talk about.

didthe bootcamp vid.
and it was awful.
like im so out of shape i could barely do it.

i tried to take the cold bath. but that didnt work out.
buti sat in there for 5 minutes.
then took a hot shower for like 5 minutes.
and then took a cold shower for around 15.
now im sitting heretyping in my underwear and a tshirt hoping no one come in and think im a freak.

the bootcamp im doing is a video everyday.
then plus 30 minutes of cardio.
ive done it before.
but i havent stuck to it.
but im determined this time!

im downloading legend of the seeker.
for some reason i find it extreamly intriguing.

.... Pictures, Images and Photos
i wish my legs were that tiny! :P
thin scene girls Pictures, Images and Photos

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